Twin Cities Locations

The Twin Cities metro area is a strategic location for Honeywell. The company has five significant sites in Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

Honeywell Golden Valley

Honeywell’s Golden Valley facility is the global headquarters of Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) and core functions of Honeywell Environmental and Energy Solutions, Honeywell Building Solutions and Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions.

Honeywell Coon Rapids

Honeywell Coon Rapids is where skilled technicians provide expert service and support to keep 400 airline customers’ aircraft flying. It’s also a manufacturing site for navigational and sensor-based systems.

Honeywell Maple Grove

Honeywell Maple Grove is home to a research and development site for Honeywell fire alarm and life safety systems, including Silent Knight by Honeywell.

Honeywell Minneapolis

Honeywell Minneapolis is a key manufacturing and design site for Honeywell Aerospace, including the manufacture of navigational, guidance and control products.

Honeywell Plymouth

This Honeywell Aerospace site designs, manufactures, tests and packages semiconductor integrated circuits and precision sensors for military and emerging commercial industries.  Research and development for Honeywell ACS businesses also is conducted at the site.